THE ENVIRONS OF Castle Whiterock

Factions Of Castle Whiterock


Level One – Upper Ruins

Level Two – Slave Pits of Despair

Level Three – The Lower Dungeons of the White Roc Orcs

Level Three A – Ruins of the Cloud Giant Tower.

Level Four – Trog tunnels .

The Clockwork Academy

Underwater Level ( level 5 )

Level Six The Ant tunnels and spitting trog base

Level Seven The watery way.

Level Nine Immense Cavern

Level Ten The Bleak Theatre

Level Eleven Narborg

Level Twelve Narborg Inner Keep.

Lightless Gate

The Bottle


Retrive books and knowlegde for Lady Chauntessa
Break the Iron Manacle – WON
Free the Slaves – FAILED
Route the Tribe of the White Talon – WON
Help Trosk defeat the Hydra – WON
Return the Nixie sister – WON
Activate Aquililya
Kill the Giant Crayfish and search for the remains of ChandrisWON
Open the iron storeroom door WON
Secure the bottle for use Kind of done
Search the troglodyte caverns for the White Roc Figurine
Secure the Gnome Academy as a base -WON
Free Aeralith
Extinct the Ants – Pretty much done
With the Queen dead the trogs will eat the rest.
Rebuild Portal to Druid Place
Explore Lost Library
Dont Starve
Dont Die


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