Trade in Dungeonworld

Trade in dungeonworld is set around the one pound bronze ingot and the meal pack.

The Bronze ingot is usually flat and stackable.

The meal pack is usually dried leathery mushroom of some sort wrapped around edible lichen and dried meat or some sort of bug, bat or rat – like some kind of disgusting burrito.

A high quality meal may be a large burger of fungus flour bread and rothe meat with a secret sauce and lichen salad.

Leather is seldom cured properly, cloth is woven from the coarse fibers of giant mushrooms.
Wool is from creatures such as Rothe and real wood is incredibly rare.

Jewels – because of its proximity to the elemental plane of earth gems and precious metals are abundant. Unless used for magic, gems have little value other than decoration. A gems value is
one tenth the surface world value.

1 Bronze Dagger = 2 Iron Daggers, 1 fine steel dagger or 4 bone daggers.
1 day of food ( fungus and lichen with dried bat or vermin ) = .25 days of fresh vegetables or fruits.

The damp dark moldy nature of Dungeonworld eats away at everything, wood rots, iron rusts, paper turns to mush, bone rots. Unless stored in a separate area to the main dungeonworld lands, or a special container such as a wax sealed scroll case or oiled scabbard things rapidly degrade.
Many Items are made of stone, copper or bronze because of its permeance.

Trade in Dungeonworld

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