The Slumbering Drake

Nearly 200 hundred years ago, this location in the cavern was proudly occupied by a fortified inn called The Famished Vagabond. The gnomish establishment was well-known throughout the region for its clean rooms, and savory meals. However, the structure was razed during one of the legendary dragon Benthosruthsa’s random attacks, and burned to the ground. Yet the gnomes were resolute – they attempted to rebuild on the site several times over the years.

Unfortunately, during each period of construction or shortly thereafter, some sort of accident would occur,usually a fatal one. This occurred seven times, accompanied by another razing by the dragon, and a roof collapse that killed four workers. Eventually, the gnomes abandoned the site, believing it was cursed by the dragon. For over 100 years, the site lay fallow.

Then, about 20 years ago, a mysterious woman with long silver hair moved to the property. Two years later, she opened the Inn of the Slumbering Drake, a twostorey stone building with an attached stable. At first, locals shunned the place, fearing the proprietress, her lumbering door guard, and even her precocious dragon pet. However, travelers soon discovered inexpensive clean rooms, hearty meals, and rousing bardic entertainment.

Eventually travelers began to enjoy meals in front of a roaring fire with a soft lute strumming in the background. The sight of the diminutive “slumbering drake” curled up on one of many strategically located pillows around the taproom was commonplace. Lady Chauntessa is widely known that she is a powerful sorceress, and quite wealthy. She is also fond of adventurers, and often cuts them a price break on extended stays.

Lady Chauntessa stands at six feet tall with long, flowing silver-white hair caused by a run-in with undead years ago. She rarely smiles, and if she had a single imperfection, it would be the frown seemingly etched onto her countenance. She always wears fine silk gowns and flowery perfumes. She is pessimistic, sullen, and speaks with a soft, melodious voice. Lady Chauntessa has a soft spot for adventurers, claiming to be one herself, years ago.

Twin statues of rearing dragons flank the door, and a weathered wooden sign hangs above reading “The Inn of the Slumbering Drake.”

A menacingly large half-orc sitting atop a large padded wooden chair near the entrance eyes you cautiously as you enter into the taproom, which is dominated by a polished mahogany bar with matching barstools. The floor is cluttered with worn tables and chairs of varying sizes, as well as a mass of fellow customers. To the left is a grand table with plush, high-backed chairs, apparently reserved for special guests. Along the west and south walls are booths adorned with small square tables and matching chairs, and in the corners are larger hex shaped booths, with curtains that may be drawn to grant privacy – although they would seemingly do little to muffle the noise. A large stone fireplace adorns the east wall, complete with an oak mantle. Another smaller fireplace is situated along the north wall, next to a swinging door leading to a busy kitchen. To the right of this door is a staircase leading to the upper floor.


The Slumbering Drake

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