The Mud Sorcerers Tomb

Long ago, a powerful cult of mud sorcerers sealed themselves in trap-laden tombs, surrounded by their greatest treasures, to escape the holy purge of their evil.

This module, “The Mud Sorcerer’s Tomb” is wholly terrifying. There’s no nice way to put it. Almost all the clues inside the tomb are in a dead language that no one has an opportunity to learn and the recently woken guardians are almost unbeatable and the traps super twisted and deadly.

This module is an exemplar of old school design. You need to get the key from the pool in room A by ringing the bell, then waiting for it to drain,to be able to get past room C to get to room E where you find the scroll with the hint (in a dead language you need a spell to read) of how to solve room H and oh my god what are we doing in the gods forsaken place !?

Loaded with death traps, one way door and nigh unkilliable monsters the module promises the players will wake in a cold sweat to the sound of stone doors slamming shut for some time to come.

The only thing bigger and more amazing than the dangers are the REWARDS for getting through the tomb. 200,000 BONUS XP and a hero point to any group that survives.

The Mud Sorcerers Tomb

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