The Isle of the Ape

To the adventurers knowledge the Isle consists of the nest base of an immense dinosaur eating ape, a 6 hour tunnel journey to a cliff side lookout over a hot, terrifying, primordial jungle, complete with simmering red volcanoes in the dark distance and the screaming of huge beasts in the dark. There was a path leading down from the cave into the Jungles however…
The land is so infused with life energy that just by traveling through the caves the players wounds were healed and they felt invigorated.

Definitely too scary.

The party has explored the Plains and the a small bit of the Jungle.

Plain areas are covered with tall grasses (3 to 6 feet or higher), scrub growth, ferns, and
scattered trees. There will be occasional outcroppings of rock, small pools, ant nests, termite
mounds, thickets, and so forth. Where herds of herbivores graze, the rich soil and
volcanic ash fertilizer allow growth at an amazing rate. Small reptiles and even mammals
scurry everywhere, while the huge dinosaurs roam freely.


Jungle is a combination of rainforest, with attendant huge trees, and true jungle. The
entire place is a riot of huge mosses and great ferns, with every imaginable sort of palm and
vine filling the spaces between the larger growths. Where water fills low spots mighty rushes and towering reeds spring up. Far overhead are many small lizards, snakes, and toothed buds-as well as pterodactyls of all sizes. Lower down are somewhat larger reptiles and all sorts of flying
and crawling insects. At ground level the same is true. Everywhere there are all forms
of living things-insects, invertebrates, reptiles, and the ponderous herbivorous dinosaurs
hunted by the swift carnivorous ones.

The Isle of the Ape

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