The Clockwork Academy

Sub-level 4A: The Clockwork Academy

Once a gnomish construct factory/school managed by Headmaster Ergus Silverheel, the Clockwork Academy was destroyed when the cloud giant’s tower crashed into Castle Whiterock. Only one wing of the campus survives, but it includes the headmaster’s vault.

Agmargus and Mark Sneaker having – while in mist form – found the secret illusion covered passage that led to the Academy. Misting through and avoiding the traps they set up a base in the Faculty lounge. But not before Mark tried to mist through the Vault Door. He was suddenly beset by Machine Elves and they took him apart – reducing him down to his subatomic particles . Using a point of HEROICS he managed to survive.

On walking back through the area Mark set of an Immense fireball trap taking full blast. Agmargus’s potion of Fire protection is all that saved him from being roasted ALIVE ! Even with the potion he was badly scorched !

The Clockwork Academy

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