Half a days travel from Paladins Realm through branching caves lies THE CAVERN.

An immense underground Vault sprawling for unmeasured miles and reaching a height of a 1000 – 2000 meters from the floor. It features immense columns – huge piers of natural rock that help to buttress the soaring ceiling. However it was formed, a vault is a world in miniature, with its own streams, lakes, hills, and plateaus all contained in a single vast cavern.

The Cavern is a highly desirable territory, since it offers enough space and resources to support huge forests of fungus, moss, and other strange growths. By Dungeonworld standards it teems with life, so it comes as no surprise that they support the most powerful and numerous of Dungeonworlds settlements.

The ceiling is studded with tiny lights and patches of glows, shining down on the cavern below, lighting the area with the equivalent of starlight. Glowing slimes and fungus as well as a species of giant glowworm coat the ceiling of the cavern outline its shape and bathe the expanse with their extremely faint light, so it is quite difficult to get a feeling for the cavern’s size unless one uses magically enhanced vision. Explorers entering the cavern certainly do get a “feeling” that it is indeed immense. Using aid, such as a gem of seeing, enables an individual to truly witness the majesty of the The Cavern.

The Cavern is home to immense fungi forests, prolific Plants and Fungi Animal life Lakes and you are told a Goblin City the Ancient City of Khor The Slumbering Drake and Castle Whiterock .


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