Secure the bottle for use

The archmage Callisto once claimed to have “conquered the insight of the seventeen quasi-dimensions of the elder lords of Oud”. It was not long before he had become known as the Mad Mage. But perhaps there was some method in that madness: His long-abandoned sanctuary – inhabited now by his former slaves and arcane experiments – is a place where space is contorted impossibly upon itself.

Guarding the bottle entrance and fucking with the Heros is a creature called a Lich Shade
This creature had so far – partially frozen and raked the hell out of Mark sneaker.

Searching through the bottle more and battling the Lich shade , the heros have defeated a Tentacled Horror found a many bizarre rooms and works of are and bar-ware and drinks and Wizard Weed as well as having their stuff stolen by an Ethereal Filcher .
Most excitedly though they blew up the lich shade and found a magic encyclopedia and a Magic Art book !

More and fully exploration discovered a twisted double reverse gravity series of rooms
- 6 legless, well-cushioned chairs float around a magic circle.
- A lily pond, home to a water fairy named Ussa. Ussa is attractive and friendly. She warns the heroes not to trust the fiend in the circle.
- A room loaded with spell components…
- A room loaded with black lotuses and spooky whistling snakes…
- a portal painting room with spooky mirror ceiling.
- A room with a rune covered pole with loves magical steel.
- A room with two crystal balls in driftwood stands in it.
- A room with 12 sleeping wizards….
- A MEGA room with Sphere of Twin Trees: The interior of a huge sphere of smoky-grey glass . In the center of the chamber are two large, gnarled trees( one pure white one jet black , growing in opposite directions with their roots tangled together around a glowing silvered branch like staff. In the room floating about is a Deatheye .

Who Knows what other danger lurks within the bottle… The answer is of course… Mark snaker – having been hit by WAY to many beams !

Secure the bottle for use

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