Paladins Realm

The Noble Paladin Lord Whitefire of Hieroneous has created a safe haven where travelers can rest and heal and take advantage of the services from a number of good and lawful merchants and tradesmen who live on this level.
There is a charge of 25 % of whatever the PCs bring in here ( paid once on each item ) to help with the running of the Realm.

The level is an immense rectangular box with four main thoroughfares leading around it.
The ceiling is 30 yards high and streams with golden light for twelve hours, softening to a dark rose for 12 more hours. Everything is made of clean white marble , a faint odor of roses fills the air and a feeling of peach and goodness abides. a number of caves lead off from it into an immense catacomb.

The level is heavily guarded and patrolled by The Eyes of Hieroneous – which are large groups of priests wizards warriors and Paladins who are on the lookout for evil.

Locations of interest include the Potion shop the Temple the Forge the Bazaar the Prison and the Council Chamber .

Paladins Realm

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