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Dungeonworld a dungeon you wake up in with no memory of how you got there in an endless underground maze that goes on forever and seems to have no purpose (at first)… As you explore the Dungeon World you begin to realize the terrible truth of this world and its dread and secret purpose.

According to The Oracle they players have been sent here for some unknown reason… punishment? Rebirth? Is it a dream ? Is this the afterlife ?
Waking in the Chambers Of Stone may have something to do with the Dracolisk.

Trekking up the Infinite Stairwell and fighting off a Red Hag the players came upon and entered The Mud Sorcerers Tomb
Where Boldarian met his end, but not long after Agmargus was rescued from a carpet of trapping.

Finding the Tomb way to scary the party fled upward and discovered a cave portal to The Isle of the Ape which they similarly found too scary and thus fled onward to a large cave with a Stony Dark Tower in it. Sarjin bashed in the heads of two orcs with his Dino-bone club and thus things look promising for possible survival and exploration of the tower…

Fleeing the Tower and narrowly escaping death from the diseases of the The Isle of the Ape
the party crawled their way past the House of Cards the Diamond Fortress the Mad Kinds Realm some Evil statue Doors some Goat Demons the Stone Giant Lair and finally finding possible sanctuary at the Paladins Realm.
One of the first things the party discover on arrival to the Paladins Realm is the existence of THE CAVERN
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