Item Degradation

The damp dark moldy nature of Dungeonworld eats away at everything, wood rots, iron rusts, paper turns to mush, bone rots. Unless stored in a separate area to the main Dungeonworld lands, or a special container such as a wax sealed scroll case or oiled scabbard things rapidly degrade.
Many Items are made of stone, copper or bronze because of its permanence.

Material …….. Time before becomes half as good* *

uncured Food, drinks …… every 2 days
Paper …… every 10 days
parchment …… every 20 days
Cloth …… every 30 days
Rope …… every 90 days
Leather …… every 80 days
Wood ( or fungus wood ) …… every 50 days
Iron ….. -1 hit and damage after 10 days – rust to broken after 30 days.
Fine Steel ….. -1 hit and damage after 20 days – rust to broken after 60 days.
ivory/bone …… …….. every 60 days.

If materials are protected by storage, oil and like precautions against destruction, then
count only actual exposure time.
Some metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass, adamantite, mithral, and
nickel, do not rust. Bronze covers itself with a thin layer of oxidized metal giving its characteristic green tint, but then becomes impervious to further rust. Thus bronze armors are not affected, however, bronze weapons must be maintained so they do not lose their sharpness and start doing – 2 damage.
Silver and gold plated weapons and armor are also not effected unless the coating is gone.

Item Degradation

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