Several factions, alternately cooperating with each other and vying for power, currently inhabit the caves, fortresses, and dungeons of Castle Whiterock.

The Iron Manacle: This cabal of slavers came to Castle Whiterock after being nearly wiped out from their last base.

They since learned the merits of operating in secrecy, and Ikenvar, their leader, took steps to disguise his operation as Monks of the Dawning Sun. They operate out of the Ancient City of Khor.
The slavers conducted a brisk business with the Thane of Narborg through the Orcs of the White Talon .

Current Status – Scattered due to the attacks from the HEROES. Plotting a terrible revenge that will come when the HEROES LEAST EXPECT IT.

White Talon Orcs: These orcs are a faction split from the White Roc tribe, and like their cousins they have a faint measure of cloud giant heritage. Kaernga, their leader, led the insurrection that founded this splinter tribe, but was only able to battle Drugila to a standstill.
The White Talon orcs operate a mining operation using slaves bartered from the Iron Manacle. Some
of these slaves, the strongest, are funneled to the BleakTheater, a holding of the duergar Thane Hrolad Vejik.

Current Status : Butchered or run off to rebuild elsewhere . Once the HEROES killed their Kaernga they feared retribution from Drugila and her minions and thus took the slaves and fled.

Orcs of the White Roc: This tribe of orcs is blessed with a trace of giantish blood in their ancestry. They have held sway in Castle Whiterock on two separate occasions, but each time were expelled. They returned three years ago under the guidance of Drugila, whose personal quest is to reclaim an artifact of the tribe, the figurine of the White Roc.A recent schism in the tribe forced Drugila’s followers deeper into the mountain.
The White Roc orcs recently discovered the ruins of a cloud giant’s tower that had collapsed into the mountainside centuries ago. Believing this to be a sign, Drugila has ordered more excavation to find the figurine.

Current status : Friendly to the players and thankful to them for killing Kaernga.


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