Having journeyed some of Dungeonworld you have found that many of its denizens reach a low level of bare survival and never rise further. More often than not the inhabitants are retched and shamble aimlessly through their lives with little ambition and no hope. The love and compassion that sustain people is absent here, replaced by desperation and resignation.

Only the most charismatic leaders can shake the masses out of their despair and rally them and these are rare and often their lives short.

Talk of outside worlds and previous lives is discouraged. Few want to be reminded of their original homelands and what they left behind.
Talk of escape is considered rude at best and at worst you could be attacked or killed for bringing the attention of the Caretakers upon one.

Newcomers are often treated as unwelcome immigrants and best – food at worst. Prejudice against newcomers is high.

You discover that when you DIE in Dungeon world, you wake up again on a stone slab somewhere else… but this time you have forgotten 90 % of your life in the Realms above and mostly only remember Dungeonworld – your other life seeming like a far off dream. ( You begin as a 1st level poobutt with 0 XP ) then next time you die you remember only Dungeonworld.


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