Cousins to dwarves, duergar are foul-tempered creatures that loathe intruders to their underground realms—but not nearly as much as they do their kinfolk closer to the surface.

The duergar, or gray dwarves, are a malevolent breed that dwells in the extreme depths of the ground.
Duergar appear to be emaciated, nasty-looking dwarves. Their complexion and hair range from medium to dark gray. They prefer drab clothing designed to blend into their environment. In their lair, they may wear jewelry, although such pieces are kept dull.

Duergar dwell in communities deep underground, and appear as darker, more twisted versions of their kinder kin. Their skin is a dull gray, as though rubbed with dust or ash, but this is a natural coloration that better allows them to blend with their underground surroundings. They are a race of slavers, but while non-dwarven prisoners are usually put to backbreaking work, dwarven prisoners are generally slain on the spot.

Duergar detest the other dwarves races, whom they consider pampered. weak, and self-indulgent. They may ally and even share living space with evil dwarves, but the duergar’s hostile nature snakes such alliances extremely rare.

Duergar tend to see intruders as invaders. Even if trespassers can convince the duergar of their peaceful intentions, the duergar may demand a stiff toll to permit safe passage. Even then, duergar may discreetly follow the travelers to see what they are up to and, if treasure is involved, to steal such riches for themselves.
Duergar rarely bother surface-dwellers due to their disadvantages on the surface. When encountered on the surface, such dwarves are usually on a mission or part of a raiding party.


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