Castle Whiterock

The Greatest Dungeon Story Ever Told

“As the flame of my second life sputters and dims, I find myself thinking more and more on those heroes who, though we first met as enemies, granted me another opportunity to sip from life’s cup. Great were their deeds and deep their wisdom, yet the tale of their adventures in Castle Whiterock has not been told: the helpless lives they saved and the wicked lives they ended, the diabolic ingenuity of their adversaries, the desperate moments when hope was faint, and their final victory.”

“If I am granted sufficient time, I will see this amended. The world will know of the champions of Castle Whiterock.”

Author To be revealed later …

Castle Whiterock is an ancient ruin built into the side of a mini mountain on the shore of a lake.

History learned so far :

Castle Whiterock’s history spans more than 1,200

–1,222 years: The original site of Castle Whiterock is settled by an order of monks called the Order of the Dawning Sun. Their monastery, called Clynnoise, consisted of the tower and adjoining living quarters, plus a small stone library set against the caldera’s wall (which
was later converted to a small keep). This order of monks were dedicated to the preservation of lore,and erected a vast, hidden library called the Halls of Forgotten Lore in
the natural caves under the site.Over the next 200 years, Clynnoise was sacked 13 times by orcs, starving carzed denizens of Dungeonworld, and once by dwarves. Each time, at least one monk survived, usually by retreating to the concealed Halls of Forgotten Lore, and emerged
later to reestablish the monastery.

–1,015 years: A huge force of orcs from the Broken Tusk tribe attacks Clynnoise and, through more
luck than skill, manages to slay all of the monks. Most of the monastery is destroyed
and the orcs construct a crude permanent keep. Although they locate their caves below
the site, they never discover the Halls of Forgotten Lore.

–962 years: The gnomes from the surrounding foothills unite and, with the aid of dwarven allies,
manage to rout the orcs. The gnomes settle in the keep and alter the caves below into finished dwellingspaces, founding both the Clockwork Academy and, nearby, a small settlement named Stoneham.

( More to be filled in here as it is discovered )

–555 years: The Empire of Crieste expands Through the CAVERN,
bringing with it trade and an army. The empire claims
the abandoned Castle Whiterock and uses it to house a
garrison protecting the nearby trade route. The lower
levels are sealed while the upper levels are fortified.
Buoyed by the implied security of a nearby military post,
Cillamar swells in population, providing services to
Castle Whiterock and the numerous caravans passing
through the region.
Around this time, Castle Whiterock begins to gain some
notoriety as a kind of “dead zone” for summoners. Many
conjuration spells that call forth allies from other planes
seem to fail in the vicinity of the Imperial garrison.

–412 years: The empire decides that the garrison at
Castle Whiterock is no longer worth maintaining. The
land rights are sold to a dwarven outfit, Deepearth
Mining Interests. The group, in search of mithril deposits
in the mountain’s heart, expands the lower levels and
finds the old drow arena. There is no mithril, however.

–396 years: An aggressive band of duergar, led by Vitr
Vejik, secretly wipes out Deepearth Mining Interests.
Using surface agents, they make it appear as if the
dwarves went out of business and moved on.
Meanwhile, the duergar fortify the lower levels, eventually
remodeling the arena, now named the Bleak
Theater. A fortress, Narborg, is built to defend the
arena, and the Lightless Gate is constructed to keep out
attacks from the Underdeep. Vitr crowns himself the first
Thane of Narborg.

–351 years: Volcanic activity increases in the region,
and earthquakes collapse the west wall of the caldera,
linking the volcanic basin to a freshwater lake. The
changing water table submerges the lower keep and
causes widespread destruction both above and below
the ruins. Vitr Vejik is crushed in a collapsing tunnel,
and his son Feigr becomes thane.

–100 years: Hrolad Vejik assassinates his father, Feigr,
becoming the third Thane of Narborg. He strikes a deal
with a distant dwarven monarch, the Mountain King, for
the mutual defense of his fortress home, but paranoia
soon takes seed in his heart.
–11 years: The enigmatic Lady Chauntessa arrives in THE CAVERN and constructs the The Slumbering Drake . She often hires adventurers to explore the ruins of Castle Whiterock.

( More to be filled in here as it is discovered )

–3 years: Descendants of the orcs of the White Roc, led by a charismatic, giant-touched adept named Drugila, quietly return to the ruins. They begin establishing
a base of operations, seeking the lost figurine of the White Roc.

–1 year: The Slavers of the Iron Manacle, disguised as Monks of the Dawning Sun order, arrive at the ruins.

THERES PLOTS MAN !! Their arrival, and close relationship with the orc brute
Kaernga, causes the White Roc orcs to split into two factions. The loyalists, under Drugila, continue to search for the figurine of the White Roc. The others, now called the White Talon, are led by Kaernga. They quickly make an arrangement with the slavers, who capture locals from Cillamar and sell them to the orcs for manual labor in their quartz mines. The orcs, in turn,
sell some slaves to the duergar of Narborg.

Castle Whiterock

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