bibliolalia incantation


Incantations are like spells, but they can be cast by characters who are not spellcasters. This variant enables characters who know the correct ritual gestures and phrases for an incantation to achieve powerful magic effects. Incantations don’t use spell slots, you don’t have to prepare them ahead of time, and you can use an incantation an unlimited number of times per day.
Incantations have drawbacks: They’re time-consuming to cast, and success isn’t assured. They are often expensive, and some require additional participants to complete the ritual. Some incantations work only under certain specific conditions, such as during a full moon.
Most important among the drawbacks, an incantation rarely fades away quietly if the caster fails to perform the ritual correctly. Instead it reverses itself on the caster, explodes with a cascade of energy, or weakens the barriers between worlds, enabling hostile outsiders to emerge onto the Material Plane.

Casting an Incantation

At its simplest, casting an incantation is akin to preparing and cooking something according to a recipe. You must have the ingredients in hand, then use your skill in cooking to perform each step in order. In game terms, this means having the required incantation components, then succeeding on a number of skill checks- often Knowledge (arcana) checks- during the incantation’s casting time.
Each incantation description tells how many successful skill checks are required to cast the incantation. Unless otherwise specified, the caster makes skill checks involving more than one skill check every 10 minutes. If checks involving more than one skill are required, the checks may be made in any order, as desired by the caster. Failing one skill check means that 10 minutes have gone by, and the incantation is in danger of failing. If two skill checks in a row are failed, the incantation fails. Each incantation has a consequence associated with failure.

Effective Level: -
Skill Check: Knowledge(Arcane) DC33, 6 Successes.
Failure: Two consecutive failed skill checks
Components: V, S, F, XP
Casting Time: 60 minutes (minimum)
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
The bibliolalia incantation puts you in an oracular trance as you pore through books in a library.
At the incantation’s conclusion, you uncover lore about an important person, place, or thing beyond the limits of mundane research.
The information gleaned through a bibliolalia incantation isn’t necessarily known to anyone, and it may not be in any of the books in the library. Nonetheless, something within the books triggers the burst of magical inspiration that reveals the information.

Focus: A large library
XP Cost: 1 %
Failure cost – Unknown.

bibliolalia incantation

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