Activate Aquililya


One of the four Melosiran Rings; Aquil’iya is an intelligent ring of water elemental command.

This ring is a pink coral band set with three pure white pearls arranged in a triangle. The pearl that sits at the apex of the triangle is about twice the size of its smaller brethren. The band bears elaborate swirling designs that are inlaid with platinum.

In truth, the ring is a powerful minor artifact forged with the aid of Pelagia (a goddess of water). It was created along with three other rings of elemental command (earth, air, and fire) to aid the surface elves in a bloody war against the drow. Collectively, the rings were dubbed the Melosiran Rings (after Melosira, one of the archmages who assisted in their creation), and tipped the war in the surface elves’ favor. But when the drow were finally driven back to the depths of the earth, each deity retrieved the ring that it had helped forge, and granted it to loyal followers to defend the elves. Alas, the rings were lost as the years went by. Some were taken from owners who fell in battle, while others were simply passed from generation to generation, their true value forgotten.

Aquil’iya was originally given to a charismatic elven paladin named Glenloriana Silverhelm. Following the drow crusades, she wore the ring for almost 100 years before meeting her untimely end. The ring lay undisturbed in her vault for several centuries. Glenloriana’s heir finally discovered the importance of the ring, and recovered it from the vault. The ring was used to help a clan of dwarves battle a fearsome red dragon, but the wielder was defeated and the ring lay forgotten.

Activating the ring is a four-step process.- That must be decoded throught the use of this Rhyme…

for Aquil’iya now still,
yearns to awaken to master’s will
Exposed to fury of the elements,
the master shares the ring’s laments
Four trials shared by two,
the ring awakens to its due.
Bathed in the flickering tendrils of fire most hot,
bewitched or belched from beast, matters not.
Or ingurgitated in a smoldering fiery womb,
smothered by the fire beast’s ichor, before its doom.
Buffeted by Madrah’s powerful voice,
but his breath grants an interesting choice.
An extended shout of a horizontal gale,
or an instant vertical blast, without prevail.
Soaked in the water of the purest composition,
gathered from the elemental, without opposition.
Or wrought by an alchemist’s touch,
and blessed by Pelagia’s favored, as such.
Firmly embraced in a stony bond,
derived from sight, caress, or wand.
Throw off the shackles of Earth’s grip,
reclaiming fleshy form, to complete the trip.

Activate Aquililya

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