Dungeon World - A New Beginning For Sarjin

Slowly he began to become aware of his surroundings… the hardness of the surface underneath him, the subtle smell of burning coal. Confused and disoriented, he gradually opened his eyes.

Sitting up slowly, Sarjin looked around in bewilderment…what happened?? Where was his gear? Where was his golden dragon companion which he had bonded with more than anyone or anything else in his life? Slowly, dimly, things began to come back to him… being beaten down but not giving up, being hacked, being torn to pieces… but what had happened? He knew that was the end for him but how could it be? He was here…he was alive…he lived!

Ah what strange and mystic happenings were these? Had some heavenly power taken pity on this one’s unworthy plight? Well, what else could it be? But wait, had he not railed and raged against the gods for his sorry existence? Had he not denounced all gods for forsaking him? Well, he would find who had given him this chance, he would find out and pay homage, as is proper! He would align himself to this greater good for if he could be shown such mercy, surely this presence deserved obeisance. He would help the unfortunate, he would champion the misfits.

Sarjin was always wary and trust had come hard to him in the past. He knew the difference between right and wrong though, between good and evil… even if the laws of the lands didn’t. He also realised that he had lost his companion and his life because of his bitterness and pride… no longer would he be held back be those damnable traits!
Someone had seen fit to give him a second chance when so many others had not been… it was a sign, as large a sign as one could possibly be given….and he would take note, he would change, he would live up to this! Slowly he looked around once more…

What was that? Another body was lying near him! Sarjin crept slowly over and looked. It appeared to be some kind of Halfling but there didnt’ seem to be any life within him… maybe it had something to do with the brazier next to him, it was still burning. Sarjin looked around once more. Was there a sound? It felt like someone was watching him. Sarjin slowly got up and looked around…some kind of shrine. Did he owe his life to some kind of Medusa??? Surely not, those are evil beasts.

He exited the temple and searched around somewhat. What was this place? Well he’d best keep his wits about him at any rate. He tried a door…locked! The next one opened! Some kind of maze, perhaps a labyrinth? He retraced his steps back to the temple room…nothing here but yet still maybe something indeed. Treading forward, Sarjin came toward the shrine and read the inscription.
‘How do I get out?’ he asked.
‘Through the door’ came the reply.
‘Hmmm’, thought Sarjin and with that he left and once more crept slowly down the corridors and back to the maze. A strong odour accosted Sarjin’s nostrils yet he knew not what else to do and with that he sprung up onto the maze like structure and stared out.

A small sound came from behind him and Sarjin quickly turned to see a small, wiry humanoid gesturing to him from the door.
‘What should I do?’ he thought to himself. ‘Well I guess it’s time to put away the mistrust and see if something good could come of it’.

Sarjin shuffled back and jumped down in front of the other who quietly gestured that they both re enter the corridor. Sarjin looked at the other more closely now. He was a dwarf! He’d not met many of the dwarven folk before but he thought this one was particularly nimble and lithe looking. He certainly had a look of confidence about him and Sarjin decided to trust this little man.

After a short introduction they both decided they had enough in common and agreed to join forces in order to improve their chances of survival. Together they headed further down the corridor and peaked around the corner only to abruptly pull back. A Medusa was heading their way! Sarjin felt a momentary twinge of fear, where was his Golden partner when he needed him? And who was this dwarf claiming to want to assist him? Was this a trap? It wouldn’t be the first time. Well whatever would be would be and he Sarjin, lost scion of the Noble Gold Dragonline would do his damndest. Sarjin turned and whispered his idea to the dwarf whose name was Boldarion. The dwarf concurred and Sarjin got ready….

The moment the Medusa appeared Sarjin threw some ashes he had picked up earlier straight at its head. Whooosh, a direct hit and the Medusa was temporarily blinded. Boldarion leapt in and struck with lightening speed and before the Medusa could respond Sarjin threw himself at it, grappling it to the ground.


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