….Being half Orc half Human, Sarjin’s life had not been an easy one.
Shunned by most and feared by more, laughed at and mocked by a minority of the not too bright(to their detriment, Sarjin suffered no fools), the experience of kindness and camaraderie had been few and far between for him.

Some time back however, something changed. Many would wonder if it were to the good or not but Sarjin embraced it…apparently his heritage was even more esoteric than even he could have imagined…

He felt the change from within, a quietness and dignity that was something new and alien. Others began to notice too….the greenish tinge of his skin began to change, first fading somewhat, then turning into a golden hue, eerily beautiful and out of place on this half man half Orc. But that’s not all, one unfortunate cooking accident brought to light that fire no longer effected him as much as it did others; his newly coloured skin gradually became harder, finally developing small scales upon it; his endurance and vitality increased; he became more sensitive to the healing arts…the list goes on. Only one thing could account for this…Sarjin was a lost scion of the noble race of the Golden Dragons.


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