Jurlue Swinger


Standing 4ft tall along with a well muscled frame this halfling is much larger than his kin. Long black hair streams down his back in a long ponytail.

Born to a wild tribe in the deep jungles of Titan he was one of the rare few halflings to be blessed with a small amount of the green dragon blood line. He grew larger and more intelligent than his clansmen. He grew and excelled in every aspect of life. Once all was learned that could be from his brethren he moved on beyond the jungle so as to experience the world and all it had to offer.

On his path he came across an old hermit deep in the mountains who was suffering a painful illness. He took pity on the old man and nursed him back to health. The hermit saw promise in the youth taking care of him and could see within something well hidden and locked away this was the magic of darkness locked and buried deep within his soul. Seeing this he made an offer Jurlue could not refuse. He would unleash that which was meant to be free… to teach him a hidden art of deception, darkness and death… The path of a Ninja…


Jurlue Swinger

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