A rangy, gangly, drow youth, droop-shouldered, six foot and slender as a wriath, with deep purple eyes and jet black skin


Obsidian black skin, deep purple eyes and long silvery hair wildly flowing down to his waist. Long thin sideburns look like a slash down each cheek. Tall, thin and gangly, he has sharp and striking features. Although frail he is quick, graceful and agile.

Droop-shouldered and a slightly rounded back from too many years bent over a work table sewing hats, crafting items of alchemy and poring over tomes.

He wears a long, sleek, attractive garment which is a combination of a robe and a cloak; dark green with black trim, perfectly fitted. Embroidered on the back is a set of scales, out of balance. He has sturdy leather boots with pointed toes and wears a strange wide brimmed hat that spirals up to its peak, with feathers poking out from here and there.



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