Sargin Sees this ...

After about six hour of hiding in the crevice safe from everything except starvation, Sarjin sees the fire drakes fly down to the two dead orcs and start eating and down stop eating and burning until there is not a scrap left. Then they fly about to a mound of stalagmites a short distance from the tower and begin playing with some sort of bag they seemed to have sniffed out from their hiding place. They play with it in a cat like fashion until is is torn to bits, strewn about and partially on fire. You think you see them eat some of the things in the bag too.

After almost half a day of hiding in a crevice Sarjin hears a ruckus and straining his eyes, sees silhouetted against the backdrop of the annoyed Firedrakes blasting flames , some sort of orc warband of 30 or so ragged looking half starved orcs heading from the back caves of the cavern and marching in a ragged formation. They wear rotted hides and wield bone clubs or the occasional rusty spear or have the odd mushroom stalk shield or obsidian dagger. A number of them hold a banner and they shout and make maneuvers in a challenging manner. Scaring off any attacks by the fire drakes and causing the drakes to fly about in an annoyed fashion.
The orcs seem to stumble upon the remains of what ever it was that the Drakes were fighting over and playing with and alot of shouting shoving and pointing ensues. One orc louder than the rest seems to calm the fighting and an agreement of some sort is made. 20 or so of the orcs march right out of the cavern to the staircase and head downwards. Twelve remain, setting up camp in the area the last orcs were at, in front of the tower.



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