As soon as you headed through the portal the Fey creature had her elementals destroy the portal.

YAY ! No way back ! You have had your Dungeon World Chance… next stop is Premadeath and a trip to the Fugue plane.

Better not die Faithless.

When mortals die, their souls are drawn to the Fugue Plane. The vast majority of this plane is flat, gray, bland, and nondescript, with no notable topographical features.

Fugue Plane Traits
The Fugue Plane has the following traits.

Static: The static nature of the plane allows the devils to torment the petitioners without ever ending their suffering.

Impeded magic: All spells are impeded.

Fugue Plane Links

Souls naturally travel from the Material Plane to the Fugue Plane at death, but they cannot leave of their own volition. Divine servants can travel here from the realms of their deities and bring souls back with them, as long as those souls properly belong to the deities they serve.

Fugue Plane Inhabitants

The Fugue Plane’s only inhabitants are the souls of the dead awaiting transport to the planes of their deities.

The souls of the Faithless form a living wall around the City of Judgment, while the souls of the False are sentenced to servitude within the city, where they are sometimes tortured by devils.

Fugue Plane Petitioners: The False are the inhabitants of the Fugue Plane, since they are its only permanent residents (except the Faithless, who are doomed to be dissolved into the substance of the plane).

Features Of The Fugue Plane

The only feature of this generally featureless plane is the Crystal Spire, the shared realm of Kelemvor and Jergal, which stands in the middle of the City of Judgment. The City is a gray, bland, tightly packed metropolis populated by the judged dead.

Jergal/Kelemvor: The Crystal Spire is a glittering tower of transparent rock. When Cyric was god of the dead, this tower was called the Bone Castle, but Kelemvor transformed it as a symbol of his commitment to open and fair judgment of the dead.



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