Onwards and Upwards

It was a new feeling for Sarjin but he was beginning to enjoy the company of his small but robust companion. Up until this time he had never particularly adventured with or relied on others… things were beginning to change.

They poked their way around somewhat making mischief and then returned to the altar room with the stone slabs. That halfling which was lifeless earlier, looked somewhat more alive than before and certainly much dirtier! Boldarian rushed over and they greeted like long lost friends.
‘And then there were three,’ thought Sarjin.

It was at this point that the real adventure truly began. After introductions to the halfling whose name was Jurlue, the trio headed off with hopes somewhat higher than upon initially awakening on their respective stone slabs.

As they ventured forth, Sarjin pondered his two new companions, wondering in particular what this new halfling would bring to their little group. Jurlue certainly had a way about him but Sarjin felt it harder to perceive what this fellow was made of. He wasn’t as open and friendly as Boldarian and at the best of times Sarjin wasn’t one for blind trust. It wasn’t long though before Jurlue’s skills and value became obvious…
As they travelled up a bone staircase which seemed to go on forever, a strange red sphere with a wicked cackling sound coming from it flew towards them at a fearful pace.
‘What was that?!’ thought Sarjin. He had no idea what to do or how to tackle this sudden predicament but readied himself in the middle of the staircase come what may. Just up ahead, Boldarian was doing the same while Jurlue was returning in a rush from scouting ahead, closely followed by the orb.

Sarjin, mentally reeling at their plight was then shocked when Jurlue somehow altered himself and lifted off into the air at their combatant, blinking out of sight at the same time! He saw that the orb was inhabited by a wiry old witch lady who sent a ruby bolt flying outwards. The orb however, was suddenly jolted backwards and with that the old crone screamed in fear and fury and fled a full, hasty retreat.

Jurlue then winked back into view, having proved his worth to the group once and for all.



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