Jerlue Smells a Smell.

Jurlue smells a smell and looks about … turning to Sarjin he says “can you smell that? The sweet and sour smell of Dragon drifting on the subtle currents of the cavern…”
Deep within the reptilian part of Sarjins brain stirs a tiny flash of recognition… and a the cold sweat of trespass and danger forms on his back…

Jurlue starts thinking that this place is TOO DANGEROUS! And that we should keep going up the stairs until we find a town…


Haha. You smell a dragon, I think you senses fool you my friend. A perplexed look comes across my face as I look you up and down paying particular attention of your greenish skin and flared nostrils then he turns to sargin….. A shudder runs down his spine perhaps you are right, lets get out of here.

Jerlue Smells a Smell.

Jurlue guiltily pulls a ring of dark red clay from his pocket and puts it on.
His Hobbit eyes BULGE almost out of his head and he stares ahead seemingly stunned for a moment before whispering … “The Power…”

Jerlue Smells a Smell.

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